1. Whole process

Whole process

The procedure of the rental kimono is as follows.

If you have some question, please call us.


1Decide a plan and option

Check a plan and price.

Plan & Price

Check a plan and price.

If you can’t decide a plan, you can change any plan before wearing kimono.
Yukata is only for summer season.

Option & Price

Check an option and price.

If you have no reservation of hair set, we can accept your request on a day.
But when beautician is absent, we decline about hair set.
We recommend to reserve as much as possible, if you are with more than one people.


Please make a reservation from the Form.

The reservation form

Check the reservation date and time at the form.
When reservation is completed, we will send confirmation of reservation contents for your email address.
If the confirmation email did not arrive or thinking to change the reservation, please call us.

Please note that our cancellation policy is 2days before arrival.For cancellation, please call us.

On the day or day before reservation

We accept it over a telephone on the day or day before reservation.
We will ask your representative person’s name, number of people, day, plan, option, and your telephone number.
More than 5 people or no longer, please refer over a telephone.

We cannot cancel it on the day or day before reservation.


After you got your reservation, please come at the time of your reservation.


When you visit our shop, we will ask your name and plan.


There is no particularly necessary things for rental kimono.
But if you choose the next day return, please show us your passport or driver’s license.


There are 2 ways of return, on the day or the next day.
Returning on the next day is optional.

Kyoto is very crowded on April and November, so we recommend you to visit earlier than you think.


After reception, please choose your kimono and option. And please wait until your turn comes.

Select your kimono or yukata.

You can choose from the plan you have selected.
If you want to change plan, please ask us.


Please wait until your turn comes with the kimono or yukata you have selected. We will call you and we will dress you up in a dressing room.

Hair set

We will do your hair set that you have chosen.

In a busy season, waiting time would be long. Thank you for your understanding.


Check the price, and pay.

Check the final plan and option

You can choose the different plans and options during selecting time, so we will check the final confirmation.

Consign your baggage

We can keep your baggage and the clothes you have worn. Please keep the valuable to yourself.

6Enjoy sightseeing.

Please enjoy Kyoto sightseeing with our kimono. We will help you find nice place to enjoy.

7Returning kimono or yukata

Please return you kimono or yukata the time you have selected.

On the day return

You must come back until 18:00.

Next day return

You must come back until 14:00 on the next day.

You must have your change of clothes at your lodging place.