Many reasons to choose KYOKAGAMIMany reasons to choose KYOKAGAMI

Rental Kimono Plan

Kimono Standard Plan

Kimono Standard Plan

offline2,500yen(excluding tax)

Kimono Premium Plan

Kimono Premium Plan

offline4,500yen(excluding tax)

Kimono Couple Plan

Kimono Couple Plan

offline5,500yen~(excluding tax)

Kimono Men's Set Plan

Kimono Men's Set Plan

offline3,500yen(excluding tax)

Rental Yukata Plan

Yukata Standard Plan

offline2,500yen(excluding tax)

Yukata Premium Plan

offline4,500yen(excluding tax)

Yukata Couple Plan

offline5,500yen~(excluding tax)

Yukata Men’s Plan

offline3,500yen(excluding tax)

Many reasons to choose KYOKAGAMI

1The best location for sightseeing!

The best location for sightseeing!

1. Gion is the best place. Our store is located at the center of Gion. We are very close to Tatsumi shrine, Yasaka shrine, Kiyumizu temple, and Koudaiji temple.You can go by walk. Also Hankyu Kawaramachi station is very close, it is very convenient to go Arashiyama.

2Many kinds of Kyoto-brand kimonos.

Many kinds of Kyoto-brand kimonos.

Kyoto-brand kimono Famous brand such as KYOTOMARUBENI and so on. Only we hold all those high-quality kimono.

3Free choice from more than 300 kimonos!

Free choice from more than 300 kimonos!

Kyoto brand kimono Latest, Classics, MEISEN,SYO-KEN, antique and so on. You can find the best kimono at here.

4Luxury and modern interior design.

Luxury and modern interior design.

You can choose kimono comfortable at the luxury space inside our store.

5High-quality hairstyling.

High-quality hairstyling.

You can choose hair style from our hairstyle catalogue. Please feel free to contact us.

6Ready for group reservation.

Ready for group reservation.

We can respond quickly to customer needs. Advance reservation required, so please call us first.

Option & Price

Most-Popular Hairstyle

1,000yen(excluding tax)

You can select one of the six most popular hairstyles from photos.

Order Hairstyle

3,000yen(excluding tax)

You can enjoy choosing any hairstyle that you prefer, after consulting our professional stylists.

Japanese Landlady Hairstyle

5,000yen(excluding tax)

Enjoy a gorgeous “Landlady” hairstyle or a “Traditional” hairstyle specifically inspired from the traditional life in Kyoto.

You must reserve at least three days before.
You will be charged any hair ornaments that you want.


500yen(excluding tax)

Hair ornaments, jacket, shawl

Only Wear

3,000yen~(excluding tax)

You need to bring everything that you need and we will only dress you KIMONO.

FURISODE6,000yen/TOMESODE5,000yen/other3,000yen~(all excluding tax)

The next day return

1,000yen(excluding tax)

You must return until 14:00 the next day.

Early morning service

¥500(excluding tax)

Business hour is from 10:00 .but we have early morning service from 9:00.


  • 1Go the east side the Shijyo street from Hankyu Kawaramachi station or Keihan Gionshijyo station.
  • 2Go to the Hanamikoji street about 100 meters to the north.
  • 3Gion KYOKAGAMI is located on the third floor Hanamikoji building.